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The Code 9
Project K-9

The Code 9 Project K-9

The Code 9 Project's mission is to provide as many viable resources as possible for the prevention of PTSD and suicide within the Law Enforcement and First Responder populations.

As part of that mission, we place trained Critical Incident/ Peer Support K9s in qualifying departments. These specialized K-9s enhance the value and viability of a Departments existing Peer Support Unit.

Here are just a few of the benefits of adding a highly trained K-9 to the ranks of your peer support team:

  • • Reduction of the heightened short-term anxiety of Officers and/or First Responders involved in critical incidents
  • • Assistance with the daily officer wellness and stress management protocol
  • • Improvement of the overall morale and sense of community within a department
  • • Our K9's serve as a valuable Regional Critical Incident Team Member for your region
  • • An excellent addition to community policing programs- your K-9 serves as an outstanding ambassador to engage with children and members of the community.

The Code 9 Project K-9

      In addition to all basic, intermediate and advanced obedience training, our k9s are trained for diffusing high stress environments related to the duties of law enforcement and first response. These duties include responding to critical incidents debriefings, group and one-on-one trauma situations, interdepartmental suicides, OIS's, mass casualties and supporting child victim's assistance scenarios (evidence collection, statements etc.).
      In some specialized cases, per department request, these dogs may also be trained for detection purposes (missing person, cadaver, etc.)
      In ALL instances, our K9's are trained and socialized to handle groups of children (ages 5-18) as well as diverse adult populations to ensure they serve as the highest standard of community policing K9 available.
      Our K9's and the Departments become part of our extended Code 9 Wellness Family. We serve as an ongoing resource for the department to ensure that wellness policies and practices continue to evolve to the highest standards for their officers mental and physical wellbeing.
      We are truly in this to SAVE YOUR LIVES.

If you would like more information on placement of a K-9 within your department, please contact us